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Poster: jackaroe_RI Date: May 25, 2011 2:59pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Whats up with WEEN

I'm pretty much a Ween addict and have been one since the early 90's. Like Zappa and Phish they will use humor (often crude and /or offensive if you are a sensitive sort) in their songs and lyrics even the music itself gets bizarre and very eclectic. However a song like Homo Rainbow is not at all homophobic and is about inclusion love and acceptance. How gay right?
Please excuse the political content this is a fan made video and does not represent my beliefs or those of the band.

Like any band that has been together for 25+ years if you want to count the guys being friends jammin etc at 15 when they started writing their own songs. Early Ween is just Gener And Deaner w/a 4 track playing prerecorded organs , noise, drum tracks strange sounds that they use as the backing Band.
Later they add a bass and a drummer- then later a keyboardist so pretty much 3 completely different sounds if you go from begin to more recent
THe Pod > Pure Guava>The Mullusk > Friends EP

I don't know what the archive has because I d/l all my ween from

Ween has always allowed recording and tradeing live performances in both audio and video formats since their inception. So there are lots of shows in varying quality from DVD and Aud copies. The reason some people will find some early live stuff to be horrible recordings is because soundboards are not available. Maybe only one person taped that show and it was a crappy rig- it will get posted b/c there are Ween complete-ists For some reason the sound guy Kirk and the band say they don't like the way soundboards sound hollow and they prefer audience versions.

I have hundreds of disks but I never saved info back then so I can't seed. Also I have almost no sounboards BTW the band endorses one of the fans to do Ween Tv on their website and he has put out some fantastic fan made DVDs esp Halloween at the Higher Ground

they are touring and have new songs here is a good 2011 3:37 minutes of one of ween's newer songs:

so I'll browse and tell you what I prefer towards the newer shows
this probably incoherent b/c i am doing three things at once.

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Poster: daliguana Date: May 26, 2011 7:29am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Whats up with WEEN

thanks so much for the link to brown tracker - been a huge Ween fan since I heard Push Th' Little Daisies at a party in college. Then later found them again when someone put Back To Basom on a cd for me. I absolutely love their studio albums (most of them) White Pepper continues to be one of my favorite all-time studio albums.